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Why It Pays to Come to Us Directly

Come to us directly and you'll get:

  • The relevant expert (not a substitute trainer)
  • The best equipment as part of the package
  • Pre and Post Programme Support

Unlike most of our well established competitors, we do not field 'Associate Trainers' unless you specifically ask for one by name.  The consultant who works with you to agree your requirements will also be the expert who will deliver the training intervention.  This means that you will know exactly who will be responsible for delivering 'customer delight' for you.  You will have one point of contact and you will be able to make changes, get decisions, and adjust resources in the shortest possible time frame.  This will save you time and money and will reduce the many frustrations caused by too many people in the decision chain.

Secondly, there the kit.  We've invested vast amounts in facilitation, PA, and other audio-visual equipment.  In certain cases the fee you'll pay us for training will be less than what it would cost your organisation to hire the equipment!

Thirdly, there is the all important issue of proper briefing and thorough follow-through.  If you have one point-of-contact from commissioning to delivery to follow-through, you get the best value for money.  When third parties get involved they invariably insist on ridiculous 'need-to-know' behaviours that waste your time, our time and your money.  This is because their business practices are rarely transparent.