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Teacher Development

"Teaching is a vocation"

I believe with all my heart that being a teacher is not a job... it's a vocation.  I believe this because of the phenomenal impact four teachers had on my life.  Two teachers had a positive transformational effect, two did untold damage.

As an adult, I take responsibility for my own self-image and confidence, but when we are children our destinies can be steered by the words and actions of teachers.  How many of us have been switched-on to a subject through the passion, enthusiasm, and the imagination of a brilliant teacher?  Teachers are ambassadors for their subjects.

This is such a serious responsibility, that I really think teachers deserve all the support they can get to bring their subjects to life.  My train-the-teacher programmes are designed to give teachers the opportunity to come aside and reflect on how they can capture the imagination, the hearts and the minds of their students.

Our Teacher Development programme mirrors the proven process we've used with Trainer Development.  The difference lays with the target audience.  Teachers of various Year Groups will clearly have an approach adjusted to their students' unique requirements.  The basics of lesson design, however, remain the same.  Joe Rayner (Sondes Place Secondary - now called 'The Priory', Dorking) and Barbara MacKeke (at what was Goodwyns Middle School, North Holmwood) were two outsanding teachers who made a difference to so many of us when we were children.  As a result, this programme is dedicated to them both as Inspirational Teachers whose excellence we do well to model.

In practice no two programmes have run the same in schools so please contact me directly to discuss how your school would like to benefit from Accelerated Teaching.

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