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The "Matthew" Type

The Evangelist, Matthew:

  • Priestly and Royal role in the Body of Christ
  • Does everything thoroughly - dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s
  • Persevering - faithful in prayer - appreciative of church history and tradition - reliable.

 Matthew is represented by "man" in the history of church imagery (man, eagle, ox, lion).  Christians who represent the Matthew-psychological type are often appreciative of the tradtions that have made the Church so effective over the centuries.  They understand the value of a leadership structure, of liturgy, of their place in the Body of Christ.  They, more than any other type, find it natural to persevere in prayer and other manifestations of Christian faithfulness and discipleship.

Matthew-types, like Matthew the tax-collector, can really deal with detail.  They naturally enjoy studying the Word in depth, and make excellent Bible Study leaders and students.  They are true theologians in the most positive and effective sense of the word - guardians of the faith and worthwhile Church traditions.

You will notice a Matthew type thrive in positions where ministry needs to be done "properly and in order" - perhaps as a treasurer or other church administrator.  As we‘ve mentioned, Matthew-types are also the natural theologians, who like the noble Bereans, search the Scriptures daily to confirm the truth (see Acts 17:11).  We even talk, in some traditions, about being a Cleric - a clerk of holy orders - but closer to the truth is that Matthew-types are able to keep matters in an holy order - chaos is not in their vocabulary.  There is a place for everything and everything should be in it‘s place - including in the Body of Christ.  There would be no effective ministry without people who have the Matthew-type strengths keeping the Church moving steadily towards maturity in the image of Christ.

Matthew-types find it easy to get on with the Luke-types or the Mark-types in the church.  But, if they truly want to grow, they need to spend time with the John-types.  John-types, to Matthew-types, can appear scatter-brained and shallow, fidgety and flighty.  This is because John-types dance to the beat of a very different rhythm.  John-types can see Matthew-types as resistant to change and unecessarily bogged down in detail.  However, when the two types work together in harmony, the Matthew-types bring stability and a sound theological/administrative foundation to the more effervescent style of the John-types.  John-types can also add a lot more fun to a Matthew-type lifestyle - encouraging the Matthew in us all to release and express our God-given joy.