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The "Mark" Type

The Evangelist, Mark:

  • Evangelistic outreach role in the Body of Christ
  • Gets to the point fast and concisely
  • Gets the job done on time!

Mark is represented by the "Lion" in the history of church imagery (man, lion, ox, eagle).  Christians who represent the strengths of the Mark-psychological type will have the same courageous, dynamic and ruling style of the eagle.  They are able to see the big picture but then focus on the act that needs to be done right here, right now for the kingdom - spring, and succeed at the task.

Mark-types are Christians who enjoy rapid action, practically focused on achieving a clear goal.  Mark‘s is the shortest Gospel - fast paced, action-packed and to the point - and these are exactly the strengths of those who share Mark‘s psychological type.  Let‘s remember that Mark worked tightly alongside St Peter, and that we believe much of Mark‘s Gospel to be their combined work.  As such it is no surprise that Mark‘s mission is to build the Church through new converts, to carry out the Great Commission - to boldy go where no Christian has gone before.

Mark-types are thus natural missionaries - both at home and abroad.  They make dynamic, forceful leaders who show courage and boldness.  They are naturally outgoing and find it easy to mix with strangers.  They are outwardly focused and get great energy from working with lots of different people - thriving under pressure and enjoying variety.  This is very different to some of the other Christian psychological types!