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The "John" Type

The Evangelist, John

  • Prophetic role in the Body of Christ often combined with Power Evangelism
  • Much more "out there" than other Christian types - future focus and sometimes a seems a bit "wild" to other Christians
  • Future focus, creative, captures the imagination as a true visionary

John is represented by the "Eagle" in the history of church imagery (man, lion, ox, eagle).  Christians who show the strengths of the John-psychological type will be bold and daring, outgoing and enthusiastic, wild and untamed!  They are often what the world would call "Charismatic."

John-types are naturally more adventurous and unconventional than all the other types.  They won‘t leave anything as it is - and always ask "why?"  With a John-type, you must earn their respect... and they will expect to earn yours.  They are likely to be the ones challenging the church to move forwards and create new and exciting ways of worshipping, evanglising and growing in Christ.  This prophetic role can often be uncomfortable to be around!

A true John-type will be passionate... and bored easily!  They are happy to explore the more ethereal aspects of theology - well able to enjoy the view from having their heads in the clouds.  In fact all the other types are far more "down-to-earth" than John, The Dreamer... but it is the Dreamers in Churches who often see where the Spirit is leading next.  They are the prophets - the visionaries.

John-types often work well with young people - simply because they are "natural" with people - comfortable in groups, enthusiastic, inspiring and exciting.  They make great preachers when you need to motivate, inspire and energise a congregation.  Their low boredom threshold means that they can sometimes be adverse to spending the time it takes to dig deep into the Greek, Hebrew or other scholarly tools that help us appreciate the Scriptures in all their fulness.  For this reason, they work well in a ministry team alongside people from the Mark-type or Luke-type.  What they really need, though, is to work in ministry with the Matthew-types, because the Matthew-types will take the time needed to test each ‘prophetic‘ message.  When the two types combine in a ministry, the ministry will have both the sound foundation and the charismatic excitement necessary to fire people‘s enthusiasm.

John-types are the only types truly comfortable with chaos.  They can cope with mystery, paradox and discomfort... and will be open to more experimental theology and worship.  If you need a catalyst for change, you need that John-type touch!