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The "Acts" Type

There is no "Acts" type because the book of Acts shows a young Church finding it‘s feet, it‘s identity and it‘s way in life.  The Acts-type needs to be able to utilise the strengths of all four Evangelical types.  As such, it is the mature type we all need to aspire to.

Sometimes, in our ministry, we will need:

  • The discipline and dilligence of the Matthew-type,
  • The drive and determination of the Mark-type,
  • The compassion and kindness of the Luke-type, and
  • The vision and passion of the John-type.

Whilst we are all naturally more comfortable with one, two or even three of the Evangelical types, we owe it to our growth in Christ and our developing ministries, to seek to develop strengths in all four areas.

There are two phases in the Acts-type development of any fellowship - a reactive phase and a proactive phase.  Reactive Acts phases are when we are not quite sure of our place in the Body of Christ - so we try on different roles to see how they fit.  Some of these roles will be very uncomfortable for us and we will have little peace until we find our best fit.  This conflict is often forced upon Christians by other, well-meaning, Christians - especially leaders!  As leaders, we can often look at an enthusiastic or otherwise gifted member of our congregations and try them out at leading worship, working with the children or young people‘s ministries, push them into evangelism, or let them ‘have a go‘ at preaching.  This is often unhelpfully stressful for Christians who don‘t naturally fit into that ministry.  There is a huge difference between stretching our people to fulfil their ministries, and shoving them into an inappropriate role!

Not so long ago, the majority of full-time ministries open to leaders were roles as pastors, evangelists and missionaries.  Lately we have seen opportunities beginning to arise for teachers - and in some branches of the Family - prophets and apostles.  This leads us nicely into the proactive Acts phase where we actively choose to adapt our Christian personality style to match the needs of the moment.  This is driven by God‘s blessing and our understanding of the will of God - and, as such, it will be an energising experience rather than a draining one.

How we proactively flex our styles is the subject of the next sections to be added to this site!