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Living Organisations®

Everyone needs a BIG idea, a powerful vision, and a meaningful mission.  Mine is "Living Organisations".  Creating "Living Organisations" is a strategic process that redefines people's experience and expectations of what "Work" and "Leadership" mean.  The mission is clear: to make the World of Work an empowering, inspiring, and energising daily experience.  My goal is for people to leave work each day empowered, inspired, energised, motivated, and excited to be a part of something that means something worthwhile.  Bluntly, if your people aren't saying, "Thank God It's Monday!" you could do with my process.  Listen to our belief-laden language, "I need to get a better Work-Life balance."  This confuses the fact that "Work" is neither separate nor different to "Life" - and as such it should be as enjoyable and as fulfilling as the week-end!

Living Organisations® - a GreenPrint for an Organisational Ecology

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"I have spent years searching for the meaning of life.  (1st as a Biologist, 2nd as a Theologian, and 3rd as a Psychologist.)  What I have discovered - and share with you here - is a recipe for life - for life to the full.  What you will then do with that fuller life is up to you..." Lex McKee, Author

My work on Living Organisations stems from a concern to create working environments and cultures that represented a great place for employees to invest their lives in.  After all, our time is our life, and our life is our time.  When we spend so much time at work, there develops a need for that time to be well spent... and not to reach the end of our working lives regretting that we gave "the best years of our lives" to a cause we did not value.

Since first creating the model, I have come to realise, in addition, the importance of organisations taking on the moral responsibilities of being a ‘personality‘.  Corporations have many of the rights of an individual in western culture.  They can own and sell property, as well as many other commercial acts that were previously only available to human beings.  The key difference lays in their limited liability, accountability and responsibility.  I therefore suggest that Living Organisations will need to take on a moral identity that transcends the original purely biological model.

The bottom line...

The bottom line is that Living Organisations® offers organisations a model for moving towards joie de vivre, sustainability, and a positive ecological footprint on the Earth.

And in a nutshell...

In a Living Organisation, there is a commitment to these seven characteristics:

  • Movement – towards wholesome, balanced and ecologically sound goals
  • Nutrition – gaining ‘energy’ and motivation from what inspires us, and communicating in a way that energises others
  • Reproduction – passing on our best practical wisdom to others - preserving our talent
  • Excretion – dealing with ‘waste’ that all lives necessarily produce in ways that we can learn from and evolve beyond
  • Growth – growing sustainably in a way that enhances the freedom of others, synergistically and symbiotically
  • Respiration – entering into an exchange with our inner selves, our outer colleagues and family, our community and ultimately our whole ecosystem – recognising the importance of inter-dependence
  • Sensitivity – learning to listen to our inner life and our outer world, to tune-in to our environment in which we live and move and have our being.

You can download the sample introduction to my book by clicking here.