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Developing Peak Mental Performance

 This programme includes an ongoing Coaching Programme to make sure you really DO put all your good intentions into practice.

You'll enjoy getting to understand your

  • Psychological Styles
  • Sensory Styles
  • Intelligence Preferences

And, like a computer upgrade, you'll

  • Boost your Memory (RAM and ROM)
  • Improve your Processor Speed
  • Enhance your Periperals!

The Programme In-Depth

Developing Peak Mental Performance uses the metaphor of upgrading one's computer to consider how we may boost our own performance.

Psychological Styles assesses and then seeks to develop our unique psychological preferences.  The aim of this section is to help participants recognise their dominant psychological style (in Jungian terms), develop skills in spotting other peoples styles, and then adopt the flexibility to adjust styles to best meet the needs of each new situation.  Flexiblity is the key.

Sensory Styles has more to do with the ways we prefer to take in information when learning.  We all use a blend of senses yet we 'lead' with a preferred sense.  Understanding this preference helps us to boost our performance in learning new skills.  It will also help the participants develop a more effective flexibility when it comes to communicating with others.  Being able to adjust both psychological and sensory styles enables people to become far more effective at influencing others in a manner that they would prefer.

Intelligence Preferences have far more to do with how we work inside our minds.  This is one way to boost our raw processing power - by identifying which aspects of intelligence we excel in, and those which could benefit from renewed attention.  All three assessments then feed naturally into a coaching and development plan where the capacity of every participant can be dramatically improved through identifying the next action steps that will move each one forward towards more of a life to the full.

It is common for participants to have several 'Aha!' moments throughout this programme as they come to realise not only the way they 'tick' but also what makes other people tick.  This can often take the sting out of being 'misunderstood' since we come to understand ourselves that it is often a question of mismatching preferences rather than anything personal.  This means that the programme often leads to far greater harmony at home and at work.

Much of the rest of the programme is spent on learning and practising how to improve memory recall.  This is a huge boost to most participants' confidence and has immediate impact on the quality of performance at work and at leisure.

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements, you can email me personally at

If your own communication preference is to talk to a real person (!), do feel free to phone me on my personal mobile line: 0 777 8 221 222.

Growing From Strength to Strength

If task performance is a recognised training and development need, this programme works well with our Time Management programme - and forms part of our certificated programme for Professional Development.  The Time Management programme really focuses on developing the appropriate systems, tools and habits to take the pain out of day-to-day administration.  Other performance boosts are gained from the sister programes on Speed Reading and Mind Mapping (see: Visual Thinking Tools for Productivity).  These represent the kinds of skills and insights I really wished I had learned before needing to perform well in my career - it would have made life so much easier.