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Profile of Paul Miller - “The Character Coach”

Paul Miller: an International Performance Coach who has spent the best part of the last fifteen years coaching individuals, young and old to be the best they can be. Paul is a passionate believer that our intelligence and abilities are not fixed, and that the brain is like a muscle in that it grows with exercise.

Paul works both in the Corporate and Sports’ world, enabling organisations, teams and individuals to perform at the peak of their abilities. Recently, Paul has expanded his attention to the essential world of education. He believes that we can all achieve the things in life we really want when we believe in ourselves, have strength of character and have the requisite motivation to make it happen.

Paul believes there is no enduring education without entertainment, and is a strong advocate of using visual-illusions, story-telling, and involvement to engage  the learning of his audiences, young and old alike.

In the World of Sport, Paul is currently working with a World-Champion Boxer. He has worked with nationally-ranked Archers and a number of English PGA Golf Professionals. Paul has extensive experience in the basketball world and was Mind Coach for a women’s National Basketball team on their way to the national finals in 2008/09.

There are three core founding principles to his work: desire, determination and discipline. When fully harnessed, desire, determination and discipline mean “YES, YOU CAN!!”