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Customer Delight

Our 'Customer Delight' programme was inspired by this Brand.  Why?  Well simply because of that word 'Delight'.  As a customer, I don't want 'Customer Service' as this is usually 'done to me' according to some dreadful service givers' manual.  So many organisations are under the delusion that when they have done what it says in the manual, the Customer should be happy!

'Customer Satisfaction' is a much better term because it can only be determined by the Customer.  The Customer alone can decide whether or not they are satisfied.

But I want more.  'Satisfactory' is an inert word and usually an euphemism for 'OK' or 'mediocre'.

This is NOT the stuff of legend nor of passion.  I want to be DELIGHTED as a Customer!  And I want to DELIGHT my own customers.

Does it happen?  Yes, and with increasing frequency.

So if you want the same thing, this programme is definitely for you.

Customer Delight - the programme

‘Customer Delight’ is a ten step programme that, when followed, will lead to your colleagues, clients and customers associating your name and department with ‘excellence’.

Beginning with a paradigm shift on who really defines ‘Customer Delight’, it moves on to empower you to discover what really matters to the customer, how to deliver it, how to stay on good terms when you can’t deliver it, and to do all this whilst remaining true to yourself.

When we realise that ‘everyone is a customer’ we recognise that this programme will help with the smooth running performance of any department.  Departments evaluated on the quality of their customer satisfaction will get immediate tangible evidence of success.  Departments where the customers are all internal will be recognised as easier to do business with.

The ten steps:
1    Discovering WHO defines ‘Customer Delight’
2    Invisible Service and the Seven ‘P’s
3    The Customer’s Journey
4    The Currency of Customer Care
5    Mind-Reading 101 followed by Mind-Reading Masterclass
6    Can we ‘Can’ ‘Success’?
7    One More Mile
8    A Cautionary Tale of Pearls before Swine
9    The Strange Gift
10    The Key to Action

The ten steps in more detail
1 Discovering WHO defines ‘Customer Delight’
In this section we will recognise that ‘Customer Service’ is something done to the customer - and is defined by the service giver or organisation.  ‘Customer Satisfaction’ is defined by the customer or by sometimes poorly designed surveys.  ‘Customer Delight’ is declared by the customer alone.

2  Invisible Service and the Seven ‘P’s
As we move from tangible products with an obvious price through to the invisible product we call ‘service’, the mission becomes tougher to get to grips with.  The seven ‘P’s of the Marketing Mix are vital for all personnel to understand and apply.  Fundamentally we are asking, “How easy are we to do business with?” and “How pleasant is it to do business with me?”

3  The Customer’s Journey
In the current climate our customers are at the cross-roads.  They have more choice, so how can we make it easy for them to choose us?  And, if they say ‘No’, how can we leave the door open?

4  The Currency of Customer Care
In the intangible realm of ‘service’ there is a clear currency - the quality and speed of our attention.  We will discover the different currencies of attention and some of their exchange-rates.

5  Mind-Reading 101 followed by Mind-Reading Masterclass
To be responsive to what’s on the customer’s mind we must be reactive, active and proactive in the way we ‘read’ their wishes.  Once we know how to achieve this, we can delve deeper into the hidden signals that give us the message of their true mindset.

6  Can we ‘Can’ ‘Success’?
“Computer says ‘No!’” is such a common experience that the phrase now is used in humour.  This step explains ‘possibility thinking’ and, through the concept of ‘empowerment’, links to the next section on how to apply it.

7  One More Mile
With competition for our attention being fierce, giving good customer service is often not enough to lift us to the level of ‘excellence’.  Appropriately empowered, we can go higher by going longer - the proverbial ‘extra mile’.

8  A Cautionary Tale of Pearls before Swine
Not all customers are honest game players.  So ‘try it on’ - so we need strategies for recognising when ‘enough’ is ‘enough already!’

9  The Strange Gift
The most unwelcome ‘gift’ that customers bring are complaints - yet often the way these are delivered masks the true value of their contents.

10 The Key to Action
Putting people first means taking action - and taking it first.  The programme closes with a call to action, and a call to act fast!

Benefits of the programme
Three parties will benefit from this programme: you, your organisation and your customers.

You: delivering outstanding customer solutions is rated as one of the highest contributing factors to a sense of job satisfaction and a day well spent.  This programme will boost your confidence, your impact, and your sense of job satisfaction.

Your organisation: in changing times, applying these principles will make sure that your team, department or organisation are remembered for the right reasons - making a positive, lasting first impression - everytime.

Your customers: social interaction should be a pleasant experience - it is why we form civilised societies.  When you are easy and a joy to interact with, customers will look forward to the next encounter, and will become loyal supporters and advocates for what you do.

The style of delivery
Practical subjects like ‘Customer Delight’ thrive on practical exercises.  Throughout the ten steps, you will have opportunities to reflect, answer questionnaires, and engage in practical exercises to develop your skills.  My mission is to make the process 'delightful'.

If you'd like to talk about this immediately, my personal mobile number is 0 777 8 221 222 or the most direct email link can be reached by clicking here or by emailing me directly

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