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The Gallery

Here in this gallery section you can find an overview of some of the projects we have been working on.

Our earliest success was Vanda North’s exquisite Joy Journey
Joy Journey Joy Journey is exactly what it says - a journey into joy. We all have the capacity to enjoy life more. Joy is a force for strength that can carry us through good times and bad times. We all have joy within us yet sometimes can find it hard to tap into this well-spring of vitality.

Vanda North shows you how to access this force and transform your life. This is a recording that truly lifts the spirit - and therefore sits well with our ‘transformational’ vision.


Lex Studios recorded and produced Vanda’s programme, and composed and created the music.

April 2004 The Accelerated Trainer Producer Pack
 Book cover In April 2004, Gower Publishing Ltd released ‘The Accelerated Trainer’ by Lex McKee. To support this publication, we created The Producer Pack and The Producer Pocket Pack. Both packs include the all-in-one CD relaxation, preview and review - enabling listeners to access the most effective ‘states’ for Accelerated Learning. The rest of the pack contents consist of completely new graphics to support the learning experience. Each Mind Map figure from the book is recreated in rich full-colour, making every phase of the M.E.S.S.AG.E. Model™ easy to recall and apply. Production planners allow trainers and teachers to map out their lesson or workshop plans.

As well as writing the book, the content of the CD and the design and production of the Producer Packs were all created at Lex Studios. The CD includes encoded signals blended with Lex Studio’s ‘System Hemispherique™’ to create a unique listening and learning experience which actually enhances your power to think and learn effectively. This is achieved without the use of any subliminal messages - though the exact process is a closely guarded secret!


May 2004 Power Voice with Ivor Flint
Power voice The essence of developing ‘vocal presence’ is comprehensively presented in this outstanding new work from international professional voice coach, Ivor Flint. With ‘vocal presence’ you can influence others more effectively, and develop vocal charisma that will have your audience on the edge of their seats. Speaking clearly and accurately conveys authority, and commands respect. With Ivor’s coaching through this CD, you can enhance your confidence and competence in commanding attention every time you present your ideas. Become a leader with ‘Vocal Presence’.

Why is this CD so special? Many instructional CDs are mere recordings of live events. They are not written with the student in mind. By way of contrast, ‘Power Voice - Developing your Vocal Presence’ was written, recorded and produced with only one audience in mind - you. Imagine the luxury of personal coaching from an acknowledge world leader and performer...

Now you can benefit from Ivor Flint’s years of experience in the comfort of your own home. And, of course, you can listen and benefit again and again. The programme is great fun... the vocal exercises being humorous as well as effective.

Ivor is a professional singer who has coached many famous actors, actresses and singers through how to get the most from their voice. This CD now offers a unique opportunity for anyone to benefit from Ivor’s many insights.

June 2004 The Castle with Phill Holt
 The castle Our latest product combines the warmth and insight of Phill Holt’s approach to relaxation, with the latest applications of System Hemispherique™ - Lex Studios’ unique system for enhancing relaxation, thinking and learning.

Join Phill on a liberating and refreshing journey to your own Castle of your Imagination. Gain new insights every time you revisit this adventure in audio, and benefit from the cumulative effect of layering relaxation upon relaxation upon relaxation...

This is the first of many collaborations with Phill of NLP NOW

Bookmark this site for news of developments in PhotoReading and NLP resource materials.

All the above products may be ordered through Lex Studios

Ideas into Action - Innovations from the Lex Media Group
Our marketing arm has reached out on many occasions to inspire ideas for companies we enjoy doing business with. Here are some examples of the quality of creative input we could offer your organisation...

Case Study one: Bose® Acoustic Wave Music System
Our training partners, LearnFast World Ltd and Haden Freeman Ltd have been using the Acoustic Wave Music System for over 5 years in their workshops. The system comes with a carry case both that protects the system and acts as a portable power supply.

 Bose wave system The Lex Media Group’s marketing wing suggested that Bose adjust the case, adding a mesh window that matched that in front of the speaker enclosures. This would allow the remote control to access the system when sealed in its protective carrying case. A simple idea with profound benefits.

As in this case, Lex Marketing would be happy to work with your own customer base to encourage them to help you innovate and profit from your customers’ creative insights. Innovation can be a result of brand loyalty. It cost Bose nothing on this occasion, whilst the simple idea adds value.


Case Study two: Korg
Lex Studios have been long-term users of Korg products, having found both the products and the aftercare to be exemplary in the industry. Our particular favourites have included the Karma workstation, the Kaoss Pad (version 2), the TR-Rack, and our first Korg product, the Prophecy. These products have become a vital part of the ‘signature sound’ of Lex Studios’ productions.

 Keyboard The Karma workstation is, we think, the most exciting keyboard we’ve ever encountered. Its live performance potential is only limited by one’s own imagination. This really is ‘good karma’! Our suggestion to Korg was, again, a simple one, yet one with profound benefits to company and customers alike. We recommended that, as they had done with the Triton and Trinity series before, they produce a rack version of the Karma but with eight or ten chord triggers instead of the existing four assignable triggers. Ten triggers per song are quite enough for a live performer - and the rack, combined with either a Triton Extreme or another Karma would offer the widest palate for creative expression. Of course, we combine ours with our Kaoss Pad!

Case Study three: Digitech
Digitech have been responsible for adding to the signature sound arsenal of Lex Studios’ favourites: Joe Satriani ( and Steve Vai ( Their Whammy technology allows dive bombing fx as well as pitch shifting and harmonising.

 Digitech Our suggestion to Digitech was to tap into the positive brand association with ‘Double Whammy’. We recommended the production of two Whammy pedals combined into one chassis - the ‘Classic’ being two whammy functions in one pedal - a literal ‘Double Whammy’! This would allow artists to either combine dive bombing with pitch shifting or harmonisation, or to have the two pedals set ready for each section of a live set. The recommended ‘Double Whammy Series’ of pedals also included combinations of Whammy with other fx - using the second adjustable foot-switch as an expression pedal for alternative fx. We felt that the creation of Digitech’s new artist series pedals, starting with ‘The Weapon™’, foreshadows an exciting time of development in the stomp box market.


Case Study four: Neural Matters


 Neural Matters Neural Matters are a dynamic new company who have produced the excellent BrainMine knowledge mapping software. We use the software and recommend it to our clients, but more than that, we are ‘thinking partners’ with Neural Matters helping their core team develop and evolve this most exciting version of Mind Mapping software to date. Lex Studios, in collaboration with LearnFast World, is also developing the next generation of Mind Mapping architecture and consequent applications. These enhancements to the Mind Mapping approach are an adaptive evolution of the earlier methods created by Tony Buzan and developed by Michael Gelb, Vanda North, Philip Chambers, and a whole host of excellent Mind Map instructors over the years. Whilst maintaining all the benefits and integrity of traditional Mind Mapping, the architectural shifts have opened the door to a whole new breadth and depth of application. These enhancements will be reflected in the future development of BrainMine.

 Screen Shot  Screen Shot  Screen Shot

Sample screen shots from BrainMine.

Case Study five: Guitar Mania
Guitar Mania In case you haven’t guessed yet, music is our main passion. We are just beginning to contribute creative input to local music shops that have a history of excellence as suppliers to Lex Studios. This is part of the whole ‘Living Organisations®’ philosophy that guides the Lex Media Group for a detailed explanation of the model.) Guitar Mania ( has looked after our professional guitar requirement for over four years, so, in the spirit of collaboration and exchange, we have been ‘giving back’ invaluable development suggestions from a client’s perspective. Guitar Mania are rather unique in the success they have had in combining ‘best value’ with ‘best fit’ for each customer. They have successfully managed our growing development requirements over these years, tailoring ‘best fit’ to our changing needs. This has shown a flexibility that is matched by their exemplary levels of customer care skills. They represent a model of ‘best practice’ to the industry. If you are a guitarist who has ambitious dreams, these are the people to go to for every aspect of the realisation of that vision. They’ll understand your passion and aspirations.

The key players at Guitar Mania recognise that there is so much more than equipment to developing your own ‘signature sound.’ Yes, you can have the best equipment, but you also need the skills, and that’s where Guitar Mania is becoming a growing focal point for every aspect of your professional development as a guitarist and band member. From guitar, to amp, to accessories, to fx, to tutorials, to tutors, to meeting other members of your dream band, to recording, to promoting your gig, to advice about styles and setups, to networking with other people who a passionate about playing... Guitar Mania has realised the whole vision, which is why Guitar Mania is as much an experience as a store.

So why did we get involved, and what are we doing for them? We got involved primarily because they don’t know just how much they stand out from the crowd. With typical English modesty, they don’t brag, so we’ve had to tell them just how good they are... and then help build an underground awareness programme to develop mindshare in this most excellent brand. Guitar Mania - mad about guitars; passionate about playing!