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Digital Audio

Lex Digital Audio is dedicated to the production of professional audio resources that create a product for you that can go on making a difference for decades...

Beginning our business with Educational Professionals, we have tapped into an important market. Most educational experts dedicate the majority of their energy to each unique group they present to. The message remains fundamentally the same, being brought fresh to each new group. Each event, each class, each workshop, each seminar, and each conference is a ‘moment of truth’ where we all have an opportunity to make a positive lasting impression on our target audience.

For most, however, that moment of ‘magic’ is preserved only in the minds of their listeners. What if you could preserve the moment in a medium that would go on adding value over the years ahead? Our professional audio services can help you develop a legacy of learning - a message that endures.

We have something to build your businesses whether you are a multi-national company with offices in the UK, or whether you are an UK SME. For independent trainers and small consultancies our concept is a vital part of your future success. If you run your own training business you’ll know that when you are delivering training, you are not able to personally reach your other clients. You also know that when you are not delivering training, you are not usually generating income. We can help you change this forever.

You have an unique message. We will work with you to capture, preserve and sculpt that unique message into a resource that can reach customers when you cannot. We can help you create a resource that will earn you income even when you are asleep!

An audio presentation of your message, or of your business portfolio, acts as an ongoing ‘point-of-contact’ that can go on reaching out to your target audience. Imagine your client making the most of their travel time by listening to the CD you’ve sent them of what you can do for their business. With thousands of marketing messages vying for your customers’ attention, audio can be the difference that makes all the difference.