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Rush 2112 and the Art of Progressive Learning


What We Can Learn from Prog Rock!

Rush have to be one of the most influential bands to carry the "Progressive Rock" banner.  Their Album 2112 made it into the top 1001 albums of all time (see Wikipedia entry on the Planet Rock poll, and more.)

Progressive Rock has much to teach the Learning Community, since Prog Rock's use of imagination stretches the imagination.  The Album Cover is strangely relevant to the revolution that is happening in education: Neil Peart (Drummer for Rush and creator of my favourite rhythm style) described the Starman in an interview with Creem magazine:

"All (the naked man) means is the abstract man against the masses. The red star symbolizes any collectivist mentality."

There is no success to be had in sheep-dip training.  One-size-fits-all doesn't even work in clothing!  So we've formalised our 2112 approach to "The Learning Campaign".  21 days of follow-up post any learning event, 12 weeks of integration, 12 months of activities, tools, mentoring, evaluation, and coaching... all tailor-made to fit you! 

Fascinatingly, my latest research into neuroscience suggests that none of us lives in the same world.  This is because all sensory inputs (other than smell) are filtered through a screening system that evaluates their meaning and relevance again past data.  Since none of us share the same past - not even identical twins - with have no choice but to evaluate and respond to the world in our own way.  This is one reason why one programme will work magnificently with one group, only to fail miserably with another!  You are all so special!

This also means that trainers (and I mean "real trainers" - those with a Vocation and Vision to train) need to read each group anew.  And the same must be said for preparation and follow-up.  Cue Rush 2112... we must tailor but also make alterations to our bespoke learning architecture.

Trainers are also a bunch of Pirates - nicking anything that works!  So, forgive me for not going into too much detail about how this Campaign for Learning approach makes us different from other providers... know, that if you are a client or potential client, all will be revealed as we go through the rapport building phase of our exciting engagement!

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