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The Secrets to Happiness - part one


We've all had our share of happy times and unhappy times.  Many things we cannot control or influence, yet there are more matters within our sphere of influence than we sometimes allow ourselves credit for.

For example, the power to make fresh associations.  Association is the very Operating System for the mind.... and it needs more updates and upgrades and bug fixes than Windows or OSX!!!  One of these updates/upgrades is to learn the secret of assigning a meaning and assigning a purpose to each day and the events therein.

Life may have a purpose - who really knows if there is a great plan and what one's place is in it?  Most people whom I've met who say they know the purpose and great plan - tend to be complete nutters.  What we can say for certain is that your brain loves to work within a framework, a pattern.  If that pattern is a clear 'purpose' - the brain can work with your intentions.  It will then assign 'meanings' to events that fit the assigned purpose - this is how people take certain events to be a sign of something with deeper meaning.  This is also why people follow religions, political parties, and read their horoscopes - they are looking for meaning and a purpose - for life to make sense.

I say, however, it is time to evolve (revolve? if we are to insight a revolution against mindless superstition) higher than this passive approach and choose to assign a purpose for each day. This is the wisdom that got Viktor Frankl through the death camps and led to his liberating form of psychotherapy... Thankfully, most of us are not facing such life threatening challenges that need to be reframed with a new purpose.  However, cliches often hold their own wisdom, and one I hear so often is that 'x' is 'dead boring'.  We must liberate ourselves from such self-limiting patterns and make everything significant... carpe diem indeed!