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And The First Words Were...


I wonder what the first words were out of your mouth on New Year’s Day?

I pondered this before opening my mouth this time!

Mine were, “I Am… Able!”

This made me think of Cain and Abel – in the Biblical Narratives.  Cain was jealous of his brother Abel’s abilities.  Abel was truly Able.  Whilst this, and what follows, is in no way a proper exegesis of the passage, it DID capture my imagination this morning… so I’d like to share with you.

Taking responsibility in 2011 is certainly one pathway to greater autonomy.  I believe our “I Am” statements define much of our inner and outer experience – as the inner world, so often so is the outer world.  Catch your “I am…” statements for awhile.  Do you say things like, “I am no good at…” (and you can fill in the object of the sentence)?  I have decided to focus on what “I Am Able” to tackle this year.

To me, ‘Cain’ reminds me of ‘Caint’ or ‘Can’t'!  Let’s remember that Cain slew Able.  As you watch your “I Am..” statements this year, also arrest every “Can’t” that comes into your mind before it gets onto your tongue and leaves your lips.  Even substituting the word “won’t” is better than any use of “can’t” in a statement.

Your “can’ts” will slay your “ables”!

If you’d like to begin with a new slate, write down, “I Am Able to….” 9 times, and fill in the gap with a different comment.  9 is at the top of how many matters we can track with our working memory, so more that 9 loci of attention for the year ahead will be less helpful than focusing on the essential 9 (think 9 Gifts of the Spirit and nine Fruit of the Spirit – interesting, eh?)

Of course you could write down as many positive I Ams as you like, then reduce them down to 9!

Then, if you get the buzz from this, write down any “I |Am not able…” comments you’ve caught yourself saying… and rewrite every one – transforming it into it opposite positive!

With love from your Mirror Guru