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Now about to Broadcast Episode 4:

The Really Useful ShowTime (TRUST)

ShowTime is Noon until 2 pm every Monday!

This week's show is, "Life in 3D: Dreams, Dramas, and Decisions.

I'll be taking you through the power of staying true to your dreams - referencing Rev Martin Luther King.

We'll then explore the fact that you are the script-writer for your own life drama - which means you can re-write the script, the cast, the genre, and the role that You - the Star of the Show - plays.

Finally, we'll commit together to some serious Decision Making!

There's a Preview Here.


This exciting personal and professional development show is hosted on Hope FM - which you can listed to on 90.1 FM if you are in the Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole area.

Around the World you can catch us using the TuneIn application and website:

If you'd like to join me in supporting this venture as a Personal or Professional Member - links are below.

Personal Membership £27 pcm
Professional Membership £37


I Am Spiderman!

In that I use Mind Mapping to make life easier, more effective and definitely more enjoyable!













You can live a life to the full...

...And I can help you through my roles as Presenter, Producer and Pensmith.

As a Presenter

As a Presenter I run Corporate Training programmes under the banners of IM AM PM.

I present IM Programmes - which means "Information Management" and "Ideas Management".

My Information Management Programmes cover the core skills of Speed Reading, Mind Mapping and Touch Typing.  Once you've mastered these core skills, you'll find that you can get control over the vast amount of information that assaults your senses every day.

My Ideas Management Programmes use Mind Mapping and other creative techniques to make sure you capture all your brilliant ideas in a way that you can take effective action.

I present AM Programmes - which means "Action Management".

Action Management is the new phrase for Time Management.  You can't really manage time - it ploughs on regardless.  You can manage the decisions you make and the actions you take.

To be a woman or man of action, it helps to have the tools, the techniques, and the targets to aim for.

My approach is a fusion of what I have learned over the years from Time Manager International, Stephen Covey, James Noon, and David Allen.  All these gurus have something to bring to the party.

I present PM Programmes - which means "People Management"

Without a doubt, career progression benefits hugely from understanding people - what motivates and drives human behaviour.  Boosting your communication, negotiation, and skills of emotional intelligence will help you excel in your business career as well as in your personal life.


Over 30 years now I have had the pleasure of working with Corporate Trainers and with Inspirational Teachers to bring the techniques of accelerated learning into their seminars and classrooms.  My model is published in "The Accelerated Trainer" - the framework for my train-the-trainer and train-the-teacher programmes.

As a Producer

As a Producer, I am dedicated to three simple propositions: to make you look gorgeous, sound awesome and feel fabulous.

In case that sounds strange, let me explain that I am professionally involved in Photography, Pro-Audio and Video Production.

It is vitally important that you look good online nowadays because Social Media is the new lingua franca for the World.

Of course "looking good" isn't as exciting as "looking gorgeous"!  Through my coaching as a producer and my passion for photography and video, we'll work together to present you in the best possible light on all the Social Media platforms you've thought of (and a few you haven't!)  Gorgeous is the goal!

Social Media is much more Multi Media now.  This means that you need to sound awesome online too.

My roles as a Presenter and a Producer overlap in that you will need to feel fabulous about what you bring to the market and also how you present that value.  I coach people in presentation skills and confidence so that they can be the best they can be.

As a Pensmith

A Book is Eternal.

I've always loved books and I'm loving being an author.  Just about everyone I meet has a book inside them.  And just about everyone I meet doesn't have the time or the techniques or the tools to write their book.

I love writing.

And I love writing for other people who have a fabulous message. 

So my third role is as one who empowers others to get their message out there forever!

I help people develop their Intellectual Property Portfolio - their books, their recordings, their videos.

All these assets can go on producing great results for them forever more.


So, given my roles as Presenter, Prodcer and Pensmith, I figure there's got to be a way that I can add massive value to your life.

And that, in my book, is a great thing!















Lex McKee, Creative Director, @Entertrainment

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Footnote - quick links to resources.

on Kindle: "The Accelerated Learner" - a book containing the key information that I wish for everyone had access to by the time they were in senior education

"The Accelerated Learner" is a book for everyone!  It is the book I wished I had read at 11 years of age, because it would have made senior education and University so much more pleasurable.  You were designed to enjoy learning!!!  Find out how, and also for the incredibly low price of a Kindle edition book.   Go to Amazon by clicking here!

Also on Kindle: "The Accelerated Salesperson" -  (This one is for Salespeople - btw, everyone is a salesperson)

"The Accelerated Salesperson" is for those in an influencing role who want to be themselves more successfully.  By this, I mean the book uses no manipulative tricks, nor does it ask you to do anything other than be true to yourself.  By using natural models of influence, you will simply be able to get your message across to more people more effectively, and have more fun in the process.

My Author's page is here: Lex McKee Author

"The Accelerated Trainer"

Remember, if you'd like my original hardback edition of "The Accelerated Trainer" - it is beneficial to get this from me directly.  This was the book that started it all for me - how to design and deliver training on any subject in a way that will engage learners and change their lives for the better.


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